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    Ten Worst Foods


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    Ten Worst Foods Empty Ten Worst Foods

    Post by ButterflyAna on Sun 25 May - 0:18

    Article: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Here's the list with their main points and some of my added tips.

    1. Potato Chips
    Why: Potato chips are stripped of their nutrition, highly processed and full of extra sodium.
    Instead: Regular baked potatoes for more nutrients and less calories and fat.

    2. Frozen Meals
    Why: Refined carbs, processed meats, saturated fat, sodium, additives, and preservatives. Many lack vegetables, too.
    Instead: Make your own meals in a batch a head of time and freeze them yourself.

    3. Sugary Coffee Drinks
    Why: The added sugar, cream, milk, chocolate, and more has tons of extra fat and sugar.
    Instead: regular black coffee, maybe with milk or alternative milk. Green tea with or without honey works, too.

    4. Processed Meats
    Why: Hot dogs, salamis, and salted meats are notorious for additives and preservatives. Cancer researchers linked eating processed meats with higher cancer risk.
    Instead: nitrite-free versions. Chicken or turkey versions have lower fat than traditional ones.

    5. Stick Margarine
    Why: High trans fat content. The process of hardening vegetable oils changes the healthy unsaturated fat's chemical structure into trans fats that raise bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol. It's linked to heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.
    Instead: Soft margarine, low fat butter, and olive oil.

    6. French Fries
    Why: Lots of sodium and fried in oil, giving a higher fat content. They are also often eaten with unhealthy foods like fatty burgers and sugary soft drinks.
    Instead: Skin-on baked potato or even sweet potatoes. Season potatoes with cumin, paprika, or cayenne for extra flavor.

    7. Commercial Cake Frosting
    Why: Lots of sugar and trans fat. Some even have preservatives.
    Instead: make your own frosting, use a glaze, or just skip it altogether. If in a time crunch, avoid ones with hydrogenated vegetable oil.

    8. Breakfast Pastries
    Why: They are empty calories, lacking nutrition you could get from other food.
    Instead: whole, fiber-rich food, like fruit, yogurt, or oatmeal with milk.

    9. Sugary Drinks
    Why: Soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks are high in sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, or fruit-juice concentrates. High sugar intake is linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes.
    Instead: water, natural fruit juice, tea, black coffee, or low-fat milk.

    10. Gummy Candies
    Why: Lots of sugar or high-fructose corn syrup without any nutrients.
    Instead: fresh fruit, unsweetened dried fruit, or fruit-topped yogurt.

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    Ten Worst Foods Empty Re: Ten Worst Foods

    Post by Demonic on Sun 25 May - 0:26

    You can have kale chips as replacements for chips, too.

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    Ten Worst Foods Empty Re: Ten Worst Foods

    Post by Antimony on Tue 12 May - 7:15

    Good thing I already hate most of this list. Fries and the occasional starbucks are my guilty pleasures... thanks for the alternative ideas!!!

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    Ten Worst Foods Empty Re: Ten Worst Foods

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