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    How to not lose all your friends


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    How to not lose all your friends Empty How to not lose all your friends

    Post by ButterflyAna on Sun 5 Oct - 6:00

    Ah, it's been too long since I've posted. Sorry about that!

    A pretty common problem associated with Ana and Mia is drifting apart from friends. Often we get so caught up with avoiding food and food situations that we avoid all social situations that include food.

    The main concept though is to take control. Become the person who organizes events with friends. If you leave your friends to organize all social gatherings, they are likely to include a lot of food-related events.

    You don't have to organize all of the event, either. You can offer some ideas with friends like, "hey, don't you think it would be cool if we ____ next Friday?" and have them plan out the finer details such as who's house or what time to meet.

    Here's some ideas for social gatherings that don't focus on food:

    • Exercise. Sometimes a group to exercise with can help motivate each other to be active. Find a friend who's interested in running or biking with you. Get a group to hit the gym together. Organize an ultimate Frisbee game. Start an intramural team. You'll be burning calories while you're at it, too.
    • Going for a walk. You may have that friend or two who enjoy aimlessly walking through town while talking. I personally find walking with a friend to be very rewarding since the one-on-one conversations makes me feel connected. Sometimes we bring a camera and photograph nature. Plus, the walking burns calories, too.
    • Shopping. Although it can be very triggering, sometimes it's fun to just walk around the mall or window shop with a friend or two. Some may find it motivating to see pretty clothes or to use that opportunity to buy rewards from reaching goal weights.
    • Sunbathing. Sometimes it's relaxing to hang with some friends in a grassy park, on the docks, or by the beach and just chill. It's a great opportunity for introverts since you don't necessarily have to talk, you can be reading books or taking a nap together. don't forget the sunscreen or sunblock!
    • Movies. Yes, there's a chance of having food with this event. But food isn't the main purpose, so no one would notice if you don't snack. Plus, you don't necessarily have to go out to the theater. You can stream movies or shows from online and hang out at the friend's house.
    • Games. Video games, board games, or card games, they can be a fun way to pass time. Online gaming has an added bonus since you don't physically have to be with people, so there's less stress about body image issues. Plus, you can make an excuse that eating can make the cards, keyboard, or game pieces dirty or greasy.

    Even with negative body image to the point of not wanting to be out in public or seen by people, there are still options to be with people and socialize to some degree. You would need to put at least some effort. Always expecting friends to invite you to activities without ever initiating some yourself won't feel right with your friends. They themselves may feel like you are uninterested, and may feel less inclined to invite you (which doesn't help you).

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