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    Hi Everyone


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    Hi Everyone

    Post by amaretto on Mon 10 Nov - 11:48

    Hi everyone! You can all call me Ama if you'd like. I'm a 19 year old (almost 20) double major at my state university. I'm looking to transfer into a dietetics major because nutrition and helping people out have always been two passions of mine. I've been a vegan for five years and I love to travel the world (been to London, Paris, Israel, the Bahamas, and several US states so far, always looking to travel more). 

    A little about my eating habits I suppose. My issues started in the dance company I was in as a child. I was a competitive dancer as a child, as well as heavily involved in other activities like soccer, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, and piano. Dance was my passion though, but due to my other activities I ate like a beast and therefore was the "fat girl" of the class. In retrospect I wasn't, but I was so unhappy with my body that I quit everything except for piano at 12 and started binge eating. I ballooned up to 170 pounds by the time I was 14 and attempted several unsuccessful "healthy" diets. I started restricting on and off starting at 14. I would starve for days and days on end and then binge on a ton of food. The only time I felt in control was when I went vegan and lost 30 pounds in three months. However, the past restriction kept me on a roll and I began to actively search for pro-ana sites. I was involved with many of the "old-school hardcore" sites, which I actually liked because I felt that members were closer and that if you needed an extra nudge it wasn't looked down upon. I took a break when a majority of them got shut down and then joined MPA a few times but never felt very welcome there. 

    I hope to see this community grow though!


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