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    Hoping to fly (butterfly pun) and hi


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    Hoping to fly (butterfly pun) and hi

    Post by skinnyjade on Wed 2 Sep - 10:54

    Hi, i'm jade.

    I don't really know how all of this came about so i'm not sure what to say. I joined MPA a month and a half ago, and i loved hearing peoples stories through everything, and the group challenges. I just love a community like this that accepts the way people are. I'm not anorexic (as im not a bmi of under 17) and i do not binge eat. So i'm considered EDNOS, fancy... not, i restrict my calories, because its just what ive been doing. I broke my leg and people told me i was getting fat, i was bullied for being fat in primary school so the comments hit home. I'm always up for a chat, or if you need to rant just come to me, i'll listen and give shitty advice and make a joke. 

    I guess now i'll post my stats

    SW: 145
    CW: 125
    UGW: 110-105 (more how i look then anything)

    I completed the August challenge (lose 15lbs)
    Currently on the September challenge (lose 10lbs)
    Haricot Vert
    Haricot Vert

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    Re: Hoping to fly (butterfly pun) and hi

    Post by Haricot Vert on Mon 14 Sep - 2:40

    :C I'm sorry you've dealt with bullying.

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