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    Since creating this site, I've ended up in IP and been in recovery. However, the last month have triggered me into a relapse. I've thought about this site and all the work spent streamlining it. I assumed it had died out, yet I was thoroughly surprised at the number of new posts and users since the last time I've logged in. I'm actually quite proud that it survived my disappearance.

    Part of running a forum is keeping up with the times. As today's society runs with smart phones full of apps and mobile site versions, I've been looking into ways to integrate this site as an app. As far as I've learned, the current forum's platform doesn't offer an easy way to form an app. However, there are other forum platforms that support an app. Switching to a new platform often means shutting down the original site and opening a new one as data can be extremely challenging to migrate.

    I do not wish to have a dictatorship in such major changes as migrating to a new platform. I will open a new thread for an open conversation. Any member, new or old, will be able to voice their opinions on this matter and will be taken into consideration.
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