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    Help needed!


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    Help needed!

    Post by AnaMyLove on Tue 27 Oct - 17:02

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I want to be anorexic so bad! Please help me stop eating! Anorexics are so perfect and beautiful and I want to be like that. It's not fair! Please help me be ana!

    Ana for life! Ana is my queen!

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    Re: Help needed!

    Post by Summer17 on Tue 3 Nov - 18:04

    I don't think stopping eating altogether is a good idea... I tried it and ended up in the worst binge-restrict cycle. In the end I ended up gaining!

    I think a way to lose weight fast without bingeing is to eat 1000-1200kcalories a day (sounds like a lot I know but any less and you'll binge. My periods stopped and my hair fell out when I ate less). Also eat lots of healthy, nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables to curb cravings. Stay away from simple carbs and sugars (like white bread, sweets, crisps, etc...).
    Also, drink lots of water! I don't know why but it sped up my weight-loss a lot! Try to drink 2.5 litres a day.

    If you think this doesn't sound particularly anorexic, I know a few anorexics with a BMI of less than 15 and they got that way by eating 1200kcals a day for a long time. They also eat very healthily too.

    I am not 'pro-ana' but none of the information I have provided is false. I only tried to stop eating because the voices in my head were screaming at me until I obeyed them.

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    Re: Help needed!

    Post by CoolGurl on Thu 5 Nov - 14:46

    Well only you can make yourself not eat. I can't lock you in a room with a small window for me to put a limited amount safe food through.  And you can 't just become anorexic. It's a disorder. I don't know if I would call a disorder my queen. But if that's how you feel and your okay with thinking that than who am I to judge? Exactly! If you want to lose weight I would recommend starting with like what someone said 1000-1200 calories. Which would probably be the healthiest. Then if you want to go lower then do so gradually and see how you feel. You might get sick and weak if do so too fast or break out and binge. And try to fill up on healthy foods. Especially raw fruits. They make up most of my diet and they are so healthy and tasty. I love strawberries and bananas. I also recommend eating vegetables and whole unprocessed grains like brown rice,quinoa,and oatmeal. And pasta and bread that is whole grain and doesn't have perservites or artificial flavor or colors. My favorite brand of bread is called Ezekial. Just google Ezekial bread to find out more. It's usually found in the health food isle but it can also be found in a frozen section in a grocery store. Healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil,avocados and nuts and seeds are definitely better than butter,red meat and hydrongiated oils (witch you should stay away fro, all together) but you should still keep them to a limit. Like a few times a week at the most. I also recommend eating a vegan diet. It's helped me so much. And it can be used as a scape goat if people notice you eat differently. Don't forget to exercise. 30 minutes 6 times a week at minimum. Try to exercise each body part a little bit and do both cardio and strength training. Make sure you drink a lot of water and take a multivitamin with vitamin b12 in it everyday. Good luck.

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    Re: Help needed!

    Post by thepursuitofhappiness on Sat 17 Dec - 7:11

    i can't believe u would beg to develop anorexia. weight loss is one thing. an all-consuming mental disorder is another

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    Re: Help needed!

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