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    Why this site was created


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    Why this site was created Empty Why this site was created

    Post by Admin on Sat 17 May - 4:09

    I've been on many different pro-ana sites over the years. The last one that I really enjoyed was called My Pro-Ana, which had a very laid-back attitude to sharing tips and tricks. Unfortunately, a lot of older members have started attacking newer members who ask for tips and tricks in such a hostile way. I couldn't bear to see so many people be ridiculed and rejected that I decided to start my own forum to welcome them.

    I understand the controversy about handing harmful tips to young members. However, this is my stance on the issue: if someone really wanted to learn these things, everything is available on other websites through search engines. What is NOT available is commentary of which idea is safer or leads to better results. This forum provides such a place: a place for members to discuss "pro-ana" information in a non-judging manner.

    If this site suffers the same fate as My Pro-Ana or ends up being taken down without notice, I will create a new one and send out an email to existing members about the new location.

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