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This website does not promote the development of anorexia or any other eating disorder. The content of this site may be triggering. Browse at your own discretion.

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Butterflies and Dragonflies United

This website does not promote the development of anorexia or any other eating disorder. The content of this site may be triggering. Browse at your own discretion.

A pro-ana website. We do not promote the development of anorexia or any other eating disorder. Browse at your own risk.

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 Global announcement:  

New Forum Platform

Here is the new domain name: http://featherbones.boards.net/

The forum is now running, although it seems a bit barren. I'm sure we can fix that Smile If you know of some people who have similar philosophies and goals, feel free to invite them.

Unfortunately, there isn't a method of migrating accounts or threads between platforms. If you have typed a thread, you are welcome to copy-paste the thread into the new forum. Comments...

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I regret to inform you that the new forum (featherbones.boards.net) had been taken down by the web host. The web host has no comment on why they did that, other than their contract stated that they may "remove any content that they view in bad taste for any reason." I do not know if someone had reported the site, or if they per chance sift through all newly created forums and remove those which have ideals incoherent with their own.

That web host does not allow an admin to own a copy of their forum, which means I cannot restore content that had been created on that site. For...

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Since creating this site, I've ended up in IP and been in recovery. However, the last month have triggered me into a relapse. I've thought about this site and all the work spent streamlining it. I assumed it had died out, yet I was thoroughly surprised at the number of new posts and users since the last time I've logged in. I'm actually quite proud that it survived my disappearance.

Part of running a forum is keeping up with the times. As today's society runs with smart phones full of apps and mobile site versions, I've been looking into ways to integrate this site as an app. As far...

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Over the last few months, I've ran into some difficult times. Life has been quite hectic, especially since my computer gave out. I'm still waiting for the resources to buy a new one, and so I apologize that I won't be online that often. I will let you know once I have a new computer. Stay strong, lovelies!

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I added the forum The Kitchen as a place specific to food topics: food porn (ie, pictures of food that look delicious or beautiful, not sexual), sharing recipes, posting low-cal or vegetarian/vegan dishes, and the like.

I have also added a recipe book forum so members can share their favorite low-cal, low-fat, vegan, or other special recipes related to pro-ana.

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I'm messing with the website's CSS code again. I hope to adjust the column width for forums to better fit adding avatars in most recent post, among other things. I will post again when I finish playing with the CSS code.

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I'm currently tinkering with the website's CCS code, meaning font and box sizes may dramatically change as I figure out what each adjustment does. There are over 2000 lines of code. Bear with me the next few hours.

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I'm going to use this as the main method to post new information about the site such as new features, updates, reminders, and any major changes overall. I believe good communication between staff and members is crucial to the forum's health. Therefore, I will do my best to post site updates in this forum.

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