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    Post by losing2015 on Fri 2 Jan - 13:40

    Im a girl who just turned 20. I have a long history with eating 'problems' or what to call it.....
    I've never been diagnosed, but lots of people have noticed throughout the years.
    Some months ago my bestfriend dragged me to a counsleor (who deals with eatingdisorders) She told me that i was too sick, to talk to her
    and that i needed a real doctor!
    I got so sad, cause i felt like i had finally found someone i could really talk to!
    anyways, the reason why she thought i was so sick was because she talked to me in the middle of a starvation period....
    since then i've been overeating, and im so so unconfortable in my own skin now! Also this bascially tells how my life has been
    for the last 5 years.a yoyo. but now i just wanna lose 10 kg again and after that 5 more... so i can become happy and free....

    In 2 days im starting a new school. Im going to live there for 6 months. It will be a big challenge, and it would be nice to write here sometimes, where i hope to find someone who knows how big a challenge it can be to eat in front of others and to look in a mirror. And someone who can help me stay on track with my diet.

    Also im from DK, anyone else?

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