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    [Insert Clever Title Here]  Empty [Insert Clever Title Here]

    Post by shadowedstarfire on Fri 20 Feb - 17:50

    It was either that or "HEY GURL, HEY," which is also not very clever. 

    Let's see. Quick fact generator, BEGIN:
    My name is Rachel.
    I'm 25.
    I have two babies kitties and a husband. I'm unhealthily obsessed with the former and adore the latter.
    I'm STILL in college after--DEAR GOD--nearly 8 years. I hope to be a metalsmith/jeweler, so I'm an ever-popular art major.
    I have obsessions with cute/teenage things like YA fiction, Hello Kitty Chopsticks, and Claire's jewelry.
    I fangirl over Harry Potter (YES, STILL [Insert creepy "Always" reference]) and now the Dragon Age universe. I've played those damned games probably 3 times each so far and I'm probably going to do it again.
    I fucking hate peanut butter. What is the appeal?! Plain peanuts, yes! Well, sometimes. Peanut butter? Eeuuughhh, so oily.

    Intros are weird. Ending posts, also weird. QUICK, DISTRACT WITH LOVE:  I love you I love you

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