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    Post by xxslimxx on Tue 25 Aug - 12:50

    hi im new to this site however not so new to pro ana... i would like to loose 5 pounds to start of with my goal weight one is 105 pounds... my second goal weight 99 pounds... and third goal weight 90 pounds and so on... Cara Delevigne is my inspiration. Secret ana with a secret ana buddy xxthinxx is her name not just online buddies but also very close friends in real life. she has had a bit more experience than i have but not by much. we are both open to tips and tricks and other pro ana buddies and are here for help and to give help too. made a deal with ana to slowly start to go by the rules again not the first time however now i am determined to do it. i am 129 lbs and standing around 5'3 tall. i started trying to do something with my weight a couple of months ago and havnt been eating anything accept from dinner and drinking at least 2 bottles of water a day and now want to go further and try to loose more because i do not feel happy with my weight i first started to do something about my weight because my sister got into a argument with a boy and then he started on me and he called me fat and then i became more cautious about my body and wasnt comfortable at all. at first i starved myself for a few days and didnt tell anyone then i told my friend xxthinxx about it and now we are going through this together and going to help each other to go towards the right way x

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