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    Sick and Weightloss


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    Sick and Weightloss Empty Sick and Weightloss

    Post by ButterflyAna on Fri 11 Jul - 0:57

    I'm getting sick with a sore throat and runny nose  Unhappy rage 

    But there's been many cases of people who lost weight while getting sick. I looked into how that works, and this is what I found:

    1) When you have a fever, your body has to burn extra calories to get to that higher temperature.

    2) Burning fat releases more energy (meaning higher body temperature) than burning carbs or protein. Your body WANTS to burn fat.

    3) Your body reduces hunger signals so it ends up burning fat for energy instead of glucose. Since glucose stores last a maximum of 24 hours, if you don't eat to replenish them your body can only burn fat.

    4) Your immune system would be running on overdrive, which requires more energy, meaning you're burning more calories.

    5) Your fluids requirement increases a lot, especially with excessive vomiting and diarrhea. If you don't drink enough water you will lose a LOT of water weight.

    Because I don't have a fever or stomach flu, I'm probably not going to lose a lot of weight. But I'm most upset that each cough drop is 15 calories a piece.

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    Sick and Weightloss Empty Re: Sick and Weightloss

    Post by Admin on Fri 11 Jul - 1:50

    Moved topic from tips/tricks to diet/health section.

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