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A pro-ana website. We do not promote the development of anorexia or any other eating disorder. Browse at your own risk.

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    Forum Migration Failure


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    Forum Migration Failure Empty Forum Migration Failure

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    I regret to inform you that the new forum (featherbones.boards.net) had been taken down by the web host. The web host has no comment on why they did that, other than their contract stated that they may "remove any content that they view in bad taste for any reason." I do not know if someone had reported the site, or if they per chance sift through all newly created forums and remove those which have ideals incoherent with their own.

    That web host does not allow an admin to own a copy of their forum, which means I cannot restore content that had been created on that site. For that, I apologize. I feel that as admin, it is my responsibility to safeguard the members and their data from such events.

    I can construct another website if users prefer, or I can continue searching for another forum platform that can hopefully meet all our needs.

    Questions, comments, and feedback is always appreciated.
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